Creating a smart social media schedule depends on your goals, target audience, and the platforms you’re using. Here’s a generic schedule for a week full of ideas of what you can do, be careful not to overwhelm yourself, glean from these ideas and adjust it based on your specific needs:


  • Morning: Share a motivational quote or industry-related tip.
  • Afternoon: Post a behind-the-scenes photo or video showcasing your team or workplace culture.
  • Evening: Share a user testimonial or case study.


  • Morning: Share a blog post or article relevant to your industry.
  • Afternoon: Conduct a poll or ask a question to engage your audience.
  • Evening: Share a fun fact or trivia related to your product or service.


  • Morning: Share a mid-week motivation post.
  • Afternoon: Post a video tutorial or demonstration.
  • Evening: Share a customer success story or highlight a positive review.


  • Morning: Share a relevant infographic or visual content.
  • Afternoon: Conduct a live Q&A session or share a recorded one.
  • Evening: Promote an upcoming event, webinar, or product launch.


  • Morning: Share a #FlashbackFriday post or highlight a milestone.
  • Afternoon: Feature an employee spotlight or team member’s achievements.
  • Evening: Share a funny or lighthearted post to kick off the weekend.


  • Morning: Share a weekend-themed post or promotion.
  • Afternoon: Highlight a community or charity initiative your brand is involved in.
  • Evening: Share a user-generated content post.


  • Morning: Share a Sunday motivation or reflection post.
  • Afternoon: Post a teaser or sneak peek of upcoming content or products.
  • Evening: Encourage followers to share their highlights of the weekend.

Remember to use a variety of content types, including images, videos, polls, and text-based posts. Additionally, monitor engagement and adjust your schedule based on when your audience is most active on each platform.

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