Each course includes instruction, resources, activities and an opportunity to share your work and receive group feedback for best results and constructive feedback.

Part 1

Unit 1: Higher Standards and Learning Basic Digital Art

Lesson 1

Be You. Be Unique!
Skills/Activity: Create a Coloring Page Using Pencils
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Lesson 2

Research Gets Results

Skills/Activity: Reviewing Perspectives Activity

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Lesson 3

Graphic Designer Wages

Skills/Activity: Image Size and Compression Guide

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Lesson 4

Image Theft And How

Skills/Activity: Saving Images Plus Screen Capture

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Lesson 5

Party With Public Domain

Skills/Activity: Learning How to Fade and Blend

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Lesson 6

Giving Proper Credit

Skills/Activity: Text On and Under Stock Photos

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Lesson 7

The Good, Bad, And Filthy

Skills/Activity: Designers Clear Your Cache Regularly

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Custom Movie Poster and Flyer Design

Lesson 8

Awesome Tools & Results

Skills/Activity: Reviewing Mockup Freebies

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Unit 2: Focusing on Photoshop

Lesson 9

Stay Focused

Skills/Activity: Crop and Deleting Backgrounds

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Lesson 10

Designers Love Layers!

Skills/Activity: Layer Freedom and Versatility

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Lesson 11

Put Yourself Anywhere

Skills/Activity: Blending, Blend Mode & Opacity

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Lesson 12

Changing Skin Tones

Skills/Activity: Exploring Contrast and Saturation

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Lesson 13

Looking Younger

Skills/Activity: Blur And Spot Healing Tools

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Lesson 14

Dreamy Backgrounds

Skills/Activity: Gradients And Abstract Bokeh

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Lesson 15

Fun Shapes That Save Time

Skills/Activity: Creating Ribbons Using Shapes

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Lesson 16

Colors and Clipping Masks

Skills/Activity: Color Balance and Clipping Masks

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Lesson 17

Typography: Word Art

Skills/Activity: Word Art And Exploring Fonts

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Lesson 18

Save Time and Look Great

Skills/Activity: Consistency Using Styles and Actions

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Lesson 19

Techy Lightning Bolts

Skills/Activity: Glowing, Gradients and Brushes

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Lesson 20

Colors That Create Emotion

Skills/Activity: Create A Color Wheel

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Unit 3: Creating and Selling Real Products!

Lesson 21

Business Planning and Goals

Skills/Activity: Studying Trends and Best Sellers

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Lesson 22

Logo Design and Branding

Skills/Activity: Create Your Own Logo and Brand It!

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Lesson 23

Dive Right In!

Skills/Activity: Selling Your Own Professional Stock!

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Lesson 24

Who Creates Products?

Skills/Activity: Treasure Trove of Valuable Resources

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