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Free Small Business Marketing Tracker

Get our tracker to help you witness your business growth year-round! In the dynamic world of marketing, staying focused and tracking progress are paramount. This marketing tracker is your steadfast companion throughout the year, allowing you to monitor the intricate details of your website, social media and newsletter marketing campaigns.

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We see the need! We believe your business will benefit from this free marketing template.  We truly feel that if you win, we win!  And, if you need help with your future marketing campaigns please don't hesitate to contact us, we're here for you!

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Of Course!  Many of our clients simply do not have the time, interest or energy to learn and implement a fine tuned marketing plan.  If you would like help with ongoing marketing support, or a custom marketing plan just contact Crystal Calhoun at: [email protected] and request a custom quote based off of your unique needs.

How to Use Our Marketing Tracker

This tracker works best when used side by side with our Small Business Planner.

1. Statistics

Write down your current follower stats at the beginning and ending of each month, 1. for your website, 2. each social media site you want to use, and 3. for your email newsletter campaign. The blank icon at the end is an extra placeholder for any other site you want to keep track of. Please see the following guides to help you find your statistics: Website Stats  and Social Media Stats.

2. Monthly Theme & Strategy Recipe

First, determine your theme for the month. Use our Small Business Planner to help you with ideas including favorite holidays, your business landmarks, events, product or service discounts, specific styles and colors, or whatever you choose to set the tone for the month. Here's a short article showing 2024 monthly holidays, birthstones, flowers and more. Next, determine your strategy for the days you plan to post on (Educate, Engage, Inspire, Promote or Entertain).

3. Holidays and Observances

Create a short list of holidays and observances you would like to remember and post about each month.  See our Small Business Planner for an extensive list of state-by-state holidays and observances.  Don't just limit your posts to your state only, your online fans will most likely come from every area.  Chose your favorites and post about it accordingly.

4. Post and Check it Off

Post an article on your website first (here's why). Next, share a link to that post on your social media platforms only giving them a snippet, an excerpt (a teaser) of each article or post.  Always encourage your social media fans with a Call to Action (CTA) to visit your website for more.  Use strong hashtags and keywords.  After your post, use your Monthly Marketing Tracker and put a check mark next to the house (website icon) and social media icons for accomplishing those goals. 

5. Email Marketing Newsletter

Next, put together a wonderful, theme based, email newsletter for your subscribers.  I recommend sending 2 emails a month if possible (sometimes more depending on what you offer and your fan base).  The amount and timing really depends on your target market. Always include a link to your website in all of your newsletters. Then, put a check mark next to the email box on the marketing tracker for accomplishing this goal.

6. Write Your Observations

Evaluate your monthly stats. Consider external factors like season, weather, and current events that affect spending habits. While some growth or lack thereof is beyond your control, review and leverage those external factors positively. Monitor your popular posts, and replicate the strategy on different occasions, in varied ways, or across diverse platforms. Adaptability and tracking key insights will position you for ongoing success in the long run.

Let Your Journey Begin!

Using our marketing tracker is not just about looking backward; it's also your navigator for trying new things. So, while you keep an eye on what's already successful, don't forget to be open to new marketing tactics. It's like having a map that helps you explore different paths and find even better ways to connect with your audience. Stay curious, keep tracking, and let your business journey be an exciting adventure!