Are Video Blogs (Vlogs) good for business SEO?

Well they can be good and bad – it really depends on how you vlog.  For instance one of my makeup clients started a vlog and she started LOSING business – dramatically fast.  Scared her pretty bad.  What I believe happened was that she was vlogging from home, with a background that was too comfortable rather than professional and “sterile” – and that probably got ladies wondering what kind of conditions their makeup was being produced in…. eg. Someone’s kitchen counter top…  probably doesn’t sound very appealing to women putting this stuff on their faces.

SOOOO…..  she took her videos down.

Now what I think she should have done is created a very “sterile” looking background and then vlogged.  I think she could have done well with that.  Another point to consider is what kind of information should be shared, and how much or how often should one vlog.  If a business owner is very open and wants to share their  “real side” with people because they are naturally very personal and friendly, the business owner may in fact scare a lot of buyers away.  There are many people out there that don’t want to know the “real side” of who they are doing business with.  Most people have their opinions on this or that and if a business owner voices too much of their opinion well they can be assured someone out there will hold it against them and choose to do business with someone else.

With that I would say that the success of vlogging is conditional.  Some niches such as artists, musicians, news and political debater types and such would probably do well with them, while other businesses would probably only do well with videos that are informational or advertisements of their products. 

Now informational fyi’s – how-to’s and advertisements are really powerful for SEO so I would strongly recommend getting into this area and putting some videos out there – they do help!  Just don’t forget to put the website domain name in the video title and/or description.


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