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Everything looks sooo nice Crystal! Your work is flawless! There’s nothing I would change. You are a terrific web designer and a great artist. You have injected so much class to these pages. I am so happy that our page is going to look this classy. Your design is going to bring coin dealers web pages to a new level. I am going to be so thrilled to be on top!!! Mark was sooo right about you. You rock!!!

Comments less than a week after the design was put in his store: I have no clue what kind of magic you worked on my store but I can’t keep stuff in stock!!! Your re-design of our eBay store has been a huge success! We use to post stuff for sale and have to reduce the price sometimes within days to get any ATTENTION. We started listing full price stuff this week for inventory purposes only (the type of stuff you post to give the store more volume). I just wanted the store to look a little fuller while we get more items on inventory. Well, the stuff is just selling as it is. Buy It Now or Make Offer? No! People are just buying the stuff, PERIOD!!! Remember the high price items? Gone! The full price sets? Gone!!! I received some inventory on Tuesday, put it on sale; went to get a drink and came back, GONE!!! I look at the sales report? Sales are up more than 100% since Sunday! It is only Thursday and most of our inventory is gone!!!

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