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Quick questions and answers that help designers provide a good quote

I'm always looking to give my customers the best quote possible so knowing what work is involved really makes a difference! Here are some quick questions I commonly ask new clients before I provide them a project quote: What service/s are you considering hiring me for? popular answers: eBay store design eBay auction template website [...]

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Will I have ownership to my design?

You will have 100% ownership of any design I create for you. Other than showing your design in my portfolio and as examples of my work, I will not use nor sell your design to another person, ever. However, if your design has royalty free photo’s used within the design you may have certain usage [...]

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Can I add my own Logo to your designs?

Absolutely, just email it to me in the best quality and size possible and I’ll be sure to add it to your design wherever desired. AI and EPS files are the most preferred logo files.

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Professional stock photo images – My Fetish

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE pictures...  Well, if they didn't know that, they should, because I do!  I have a fetish for good stock photo images.   There are some nice freebie stock images you can find on the internet if you browse long enough, but I personally enjoy using professional stock photo [...]

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Taking professional product photos for display

Q: How do I take better photos of my products so they look more professional? A: Do you have a photobox of some sort, and some good lighting?  Honestly i think the photographers equipment make up about 70% of their occupation.  Sadly it can be quite expensive when added up together.  Home-made photo boxes cuts [...]

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