Custom Facebook Fan Page Design

Are you an online seller looking to increase your selling potential? Let Made To Be Unique create an eye catching facebook fanpage design for your business. Having 11 + years online selling experience, Crystal Calhoun knows how to empower online sellers in not only Oklahoma, the US but worldwide! Proving aggressive, attractive websites, storefronts and facebook fan pages with integrated logos, unique designs and appealing professional layouts which help online sellers attract new customers, and turn current customers into repeat customers!


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    Quality You Can Afford!

    Made To Be Unique now provides you professional, affordable and FAST facebook fan page designs along with facebook logo banner advertisements. including facebook template tuning services.

    Prices range from $45 – $295 on up depending upon how much customization services are desired. Excellent discounts are given for multiple service orders such as facebook, eBay and e-commerce combination orders, so be sure to let us know if you desire to order several services at the same time.

    Made To Be Unique makes you Unique!

    General Payment Terms

    Made To Be Unique will accept partial payments but only work for the amount that has been received. Except agreed upon prior to the design process, all payments are due up front.


    Crystal Calhoun of Made To Be Unique also accepts bartering and partial bartering as a form of payment. We have a wide range of interests, so please feel free to contact us if you believe you have something to offer for barter or partial barter.

    Browse Through The Templates Below

    If you find a template that you would like us to customize for you, please send us the template item number. We will purchase the template for you and include the purchase price in your invoice.

    Please Note - We do not work on adult, lingerie or sensual templates and designs even though some may show up in the automated list provided below. Our apologies for any confusion this may cause.  Please ask questions before purchasing any template!