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Email Marketing
a must-have for building your business!

Keep your customers coming back for more by sending out reminders and invitations to new products, trendy tips and tricks and sporadic sales that make it hard for them to say no.

Notice your sales skyrocket each time you send out a new newsletter!

Top companies and big brand corporations always offer a newsletter subscription for a reason – because this tactic of online marketing/advertising works!

Made To Be Unique offers clients custom Constant Contact newsletter template designs starting from only $95 on up! These designs can be completely custom, or customized to match a pre-existing website, ebay store or ecommerce store design!

$ 95 Discount Newsletter Template Design – includes header, body bg color and footer.

$195 Per Fully Designed Newsletter (discounts available for regular monthly services)

$195 Newsletter & Email Advertisement Design -  includes a header, navigation links and matching color theme.

$595 Complete Constant Contact Campaign Package includes the following designs: newsletter template, site visitor sign-up page, forward email to a friend form, forward email to a friend email, welcome email, change of interest email, update profile email.

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With Email Marketing by Constant Contact, you can:

  1. Send highly visual, professional-looking email newsletters and promotions in just minutes.
  2. Drive more traffic to your website with focused, targeted email communications.
  3. Build and manage your email list: import existing customer lists, add names individually, or capture contact information from website visitors.
  4. Measure your email campaign results instantly-check click-through rates, review new subscribers, and see who opened and clicked on each link so you can tailor your follow-up communications.
  5. Send automated communications to new sign-ups via an auto responder tool.
  6. Communicate with your audience with confidence, knowing that Constant Contact will take care of getting your email delivered and keep you CAN-SPAM compliant.

Discover how the power of Email Marketing by Constant Contact can help you better connect with your customers, strengthen your relationships with them, and grow your organization.

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General Payment Terms Made To Be Unique will accept partial payments but only work for the amount that has been received. Except agreed upon prior to the design process, all payments are due up front.

Bartering/Trade Crystal Calhoun of Made To Be Unique also accepts bartering and partial bartering as a form of payment. We have a wide range of interests, so please feel free to contact us if you believe you have something to offer for barter or partial barter.

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Every day, thousands of customers use Constant Contact to connect with their audience to make their small businesses and organizations thrive and grow. Like you, they once needed a place to start. They chose Constant Contact, and they’ve never looked back.

Email Marketing by Constant Contact® is the easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members. You’ll create high-impact, professional-looking emails—quickly and with no technical expertise. And, most importantly, you’ll build strong connections with your audience that lead to referrals, repeat business and loyalty.

Need a Logo Design?

Looking to have a professional Logo design? Need help with branding your Logo? Made To Be Unique provides custom unique logo designs and logo branding services, including advertising illustrations such as Business Card Designs, Flyers, Brochures and more! Also available is Social Networking Services helping your brand get recognized and remembered for years to come!

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Ecommerce Store Solutions

Would you like to sell products on your website? Whether you plan to use Magento, Paypal Shopping Carts, Network Solutions or another shopping cart platform, Made To Be Unique is here to help you get your products seen and sold!

Aggressive online services include search engine optimization (SEO), meta tags, link building, content writing and more!

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