Haitian Homeless Girl Sleeps

I had been working on this digital painting for several months, using Corel Painter 11, my mouse and a small portion of a picture a Christian missionary friend shared with me a while back during his visit to Haiti (before the earthquake).

This was one of the many orphan children (girls and boys) he saw sleeping or roaming about through the streets of Haiti begging for food and fending for themselves. I find this particular picture sobering and heartbreaking at the same time.  If you’ll notice she lay on the street exhausted, below a picture of bottled water painted on the wall behind her.  This is not something I added in myself, this is where she chose to lay.

Since learning about the Haitian children my husband and I (and even our young children) have become very much involved in Haitian ministries and are doing whatever we can to help. Not sure if we’ll ever move there ourselves, but it lingers in the backs of our minds. So in the meantime I am currently adding my artwork to my zazzle gift store in an effort to raise money in which to donate 75% profits to Haitian ministries. So if any of my artwork interests you – I invite you to buy prints and help a good cause!

Our focus is on helping the following ministries (and the people whom we have grown to know and love):

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