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LeHigh Valley Consignment

Services Include:

  • Professional Logo Design
  • Full Ebay Store Design
  • Custom Auction Template
  • About Me Page Design
  • Consignment Services Page Design
  • Facebook Fanpage Cover and Logo Profile Design

Recent Testimonial:

I started implementing the new template yesterday and it looks great! I’m so thrilled with all of the changes that have been made. I’ve noticed that sales have picked up as well. Not sure if it is a coincidence but I like to think not!


This new ebay store design was created for an ebay consignment shop seller in PA whose goal is to help local LeHigh Valley individuals and business owners alike make the most money for their products on ebay.  The design features their consignment service and friendly responsively customer service availability.  Below the design is ebay auctions featuring the highest marked items to the lowest.  The example shows the prices only being the same, but you’re welcome to visit their shop online to see the updates.


I took a little “chance” on this design as the original concept was going to be more corporate, minimalist and using real photos.  After I presented some stock photos to the client and they chose the ones they liked best I began my work…

The design seemed to take over so I couldn’t help but finish in the direction it was going in which was contrary to the original minimalist corporate grays we both thought it was going to go in.  I couldn’t resist hoping that my client would love the design as much as I did… and she did!  (yay!)  The following design below was the first sample I sent my client.  There were few changes made thereafter (as you can see in the completed design), which was really cool too!  (I love it when my hunches are right!)  But really, I normally don’t go in a different “direction” then requested.  I was willing to recreate another design (going for a strict minimalist realistic approach) if she wasn’t happy with the design I presented her… so the”gamble” was on my time, and I was willing to take that chance.  (I just loved the design that much and thought she would too, lol)

This design took another new turn for me that I have not incorporated into any of my other designs before as well.  It included automated product listings on the homepage itself starting from the highest marked product to the lowest.  I was even able to set how many products showed using the following ebay code:  {eBayStoresItemList SIZE=”6″}  -  Cool Beans!

First Design Sample


Facebook Fanpage Design Cover – LVC

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