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This is one of my PowerPoint slide shows I’ve put together for a new Christian ministry seeking sponsors, pastors, churches and businesses interested in their program.  The purpose of the program was to help missionaries and pastors with additional monthly income from their supporters through the use of cell phone providers.  The idea was that a person would switch their cell phone company to this new Christian cell phone business and a monthly donation would benefit their missionary or pastor of choice.  This would help the missionaries and pastors on a monthly basis as more and more people signed up for the program.  Then they could focus less on fund-raising and more on spreading the Gospel.  This amazing concept is still underway as I understand it, but I think there are a lot of changes in place so I don’t think it has officially started quite yet.

The point of me posting this is to give you an idea of how useful a PowerPoint presentation can be when showing your idea to an individual or group of people in hopes of gaining support and sponsorship.

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