ReachHaiti – Christian Haitian Missionary Website Design

Introducing Reach Haiti

A wonderful Christian charity with determined missionaries set on saving lives and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Haitians young and old.

Services Include:

  • WordPress website design
  • Theme customization
  • Banner ads,
  • Flash slide show
  • Logo design
  • Custom Constant Contact newsletter template design (you’re invited to click here and subscribe to their newsletter)

My personal testimonial

Through a strange set of events I came to meet Mike & Andrea Brewer of  Over time I watched their ministry, observing their ambition, love for God and zeal to do a great work which created RESULTS in Haiti.  Lives were being changed, children were saved and the gospel was being spread!   I was stirred in my heart to offer what help I could, and that was my web-designing talents.  We didn’t have much funds to give, but we have talents and connections, so my family and I decided to help.

I share this because not everyone has the resources to give financially for whatever reason, but they do harbor talents, gifts and connections that God has given them that can be life-saving as well.  I would encourage everyone to use the gift God has given them for the glory of God and for the good of His children, whether that be in spreading the word (through telling a family or friend, sending a link, or helping to create some wonderful flyer can use), or going to Haiti and being there in person with a hands-on/help experience.  There’s so many ways one can help, so why not use the means that God has provided you with to help the children of!  😀


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