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Simple Credit & Link Request

Most important rule we have for using our free stock images: Please add a credit link back to our website homepage whenever and wherever our free stock is used. Posting a credit link back to our site on your website resources or links page is fine as well.

Please don’t use nor post our stock as stock on your own sites.  The stock images are provided for artists who are being creative. It is not provided so people just re-post it as stock or as-is on their own site/s.  I’ve seen this happen where a person takes our stock image and just posts it on their website as though it were their own stock image/s.  It is very insulting to find this especially given the amount of time we put into creating and listing the stock images.  So please, use the stock, enjoy it, but don’t abuse this gift our family has given you. You are welcome to copy & paste the following credit link back

Just copy the code below and paste it on the page where our stock image/s are being used/shown. If it does not work, please add a simple typed out credit link back such as “Free stock image by Made To Be Unique at:”

<a href=””>Free Stock provided by Made To Be Unique</a>

THANKS for respecting our time and simple credit request!

Some Posts Pertaining To Our Stock

A little about us

CrystalHi, my name is Crystal Calhoun.  I’m a self-taught website and ecommerce store designer. Currently I work from home in the country while at the same time homeschooling our two younger children Christian and Isaiah.  So I tend to keep my self rather busy day in and day out tending to our home, family, my website and clients.  :-D Providing stock photos is a new adventure for our family. And I do say family as this has been a slow-going family project we each have helped out on.  We began sharing our stock images with artists around the world primarily through deviantart and our website since about 2010. It has been a lot of work.

We share our stock photos because...

  • We love to see what other artists can come up with – it inspires us!
  • link backs will help our site get better recognized by search engines.  So it’s helpful and encouraging when people give a credit link back for the use of our free stock images. 
  • Another bonus is having a LOT more visitors and website browsers. This helps increase my search engine ratings as well as market my services to those who visit my site. (yay)
  • Our family also has the hope that one day we may be able to make a fair income from the stock images we provide, be that through small donations or purchased xl-large stock files. It would be lovely to have more free time with the family verses having to work on so many projects all the time. (So again, thank you for your patronage and donations – they encourage us and keep us adding more as time permits!)

I usually reply within a few hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and I do not spam in any way.

Thank you for contacting me. I look forward to responding back to you as soon as possible!

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