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When you are ready to move forward with a custom unique design please contact Crystal Calhoun and share your business and design needs with her. The best way to do that is to use the contact form or email Crystal directly for a custom quote based off of your unique needs!


Based on the information you give us, Made to be Unique will provide several possible quotes for you, taking into account timing and budget. Please let us know which part(s) of the quote met your requirements and/or what you would like to change. After a review and/or changes applied, we will provide you a final quote.


We accept cash, check, bank and credit cards through Paypal

Checks will need to clear before the project begins. We accept partial payments, and will provide service to the extent of the payment made. Made to be Unique also accepts some full and partial trades/bartering offers. If you are interested in this option, please mention it before we begin to work on your project.


Using pictures & information

Clients are required to provide ALL content in the form of pictures, logo files, and other information. If you do not own the copyright for the pictures you want to use, or do not have the pictures you envision available, Made to be Unique can help you find just the right stock photos to purchase for that desired presentation. If you have all pictures and information for your site ready, but do not wish to write the content (page or product descriptions) yourself, Made to be Unique can provide professional copy writing/editing services to help your text flow, as well as its keyword relevancy for better search engine optimization.


Website and/or picture hosting recommendations

You will need to provide your own website hosting.

However: Please consult with us first for recommendations prior to choosing a hosting provider, as some web hosting companies do not host certain applications well. Magento ecommerce for example is a powerful and FREE ecommerce application yet only a few hosting companies can host this software successfully.

Having the proper web host will save time, money and much frustration. You are welcome to review our recommendations.


Providing you with a design sample

After having received your pictures and needed information you will be provided a design sample within approximately 7-10 business days. Design samples may be in the form of a pdf file or made and shown online in the case of a WordPress or Magento ecommerce project. If you have a website and would like changes made to it, Made to be Unique offers for you to preview the progress on one of our own assigned “stand-by” domains before we complete and transfer the new design to your current domain. If Made to be Unique is creating a completely new website for your company, you will be able to follow the progress on your own, newly established domain.


You determine the speed with which Made to be Unique will be able to complete your project. Throughout the process we may ask for additional input or more information. It is your responsibility to respond.

Made to be Unique depends on their clients for good communication. If you do not respond, we will simply put the design progress on hold until you do. Made to be Unique will not be held responsible for delays due to missing information.


All our designs includes Meta tags, Titles, Descriptions and Keywords for each page we design for you.

If you need further assistance we can include Social Networking, Video Marketing, Content Writing and other marketing tools in our quote.

Made to be Unique also offers free guidance on how to implement “smart” SEO tactics on your own. Our goal is to help our clients get to the top and stay there!


Once we have completed the design we will ask you to review everything thoroughly one more time. Now, with your new site in place, you are ready to open the door to the public and invite your customers in.

It is very important to us that our clients are comfortable with using their websites when the project is complete. Made to be Unique offers FREE ongoing support on how to manage your wordpress website, and minor support with Magento ecommerce solutions.

I usually reply within a few hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and I do not spam in any way.

Thank you for contacting me. I look forward to responding back to you as soon as possible!

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