Butterfly stock seen on Forest Lady digital art tutorial

  • madetobeunique.com is receiving a lot of new website visitors recently.  An artist by the name of Jenny Le posted a digital artwork tutorial online which teaches others how to make this very creative image.  She posted a credit link back to all her stock sources making her not only an awesome artists, but an honest one at that!  I’d like to personally thank this artist for sharing a credit link back to my site and stock images.  This is one of the only things I ask of artists when they use my free stock images. I often find my free stock images posted throughout the web and there is no stock credit links back.  It is big bummer to see that, especially on account of the time and money I’ve put into creating free stock images.  The worst is when others post my stock as their own on their own websites.  Talk about demoralizing. But to people like Jenny Le here who created this tutorial and posted a credit link back – You are awesome!  Thank you! The following butterfly stock images are for sale as well as posted for free.  To get the free stock images you can open the product page and copy the featured image to the left and save it to your computer for later use.  Please remember to post a credit link back when using the free stock images.  Thanks!!!

  • The beautiful butterfly stock images are one of our many FREE-to-use stock photo images and clip-art we thought we’d share with you all. These butterfly clipart images continue to be a favorite among our website and deviantart visitors. The large full transparent sizes (most approximately 4000px by 2800px) with a whole array of different types of butterflies and butterfly poses makes this collection fun and easy to use! We (the Calhoun family) purchased and rendered these wonderful 3D models using the Ultimate Butterfly Collection which includes 46 butterfly and moth species from DAZ3D. If we don’t have the perfect butterfly, moth, angle, lighting or pose, you’re invited to purchase, render, create and even sell your own 3D models here on DAZ3D.

  • Q: Would I be legally allowed to use the pictures that Barb (makeup wholesale supplier) uses to advertise her products even if I have her permission? I could be wrong, but I assume that they’re stock photos (that in some cases have been modified a bit). A: I contacted iStockphoto, they said it was ok if Barb shared the product pictures that show a stock photo on it with her wholesale customers as long as she did not provide them with the stockphoto itself (the “raw” stock photo).  And they are to only use the photo as intended – so that they do not crop out the stock photo and use it for something else.  Which makes sense. So, yay… you can use the product pictures w/stock photos. 

  • Q: Can I use your free png images commercially in flyer templates? flyer is meant for sale on graphicriver, so technically the butterfly which i meant to use would be resold but not on its own but as a part of a flyer which is is psd format? A. Hi, thank you so much for asking, I’m completely fine with it as long as you provide credit links back for www.madetobeunique.com for whatever stock you use.  Here’s an example: http://graphicriver.net/item/hawaii-flyer-template/1617822 If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see credits there.  This credit link back works perfect for me.     

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