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  • I’m always looking to give my customers the best quote possible so knowing what work is involved really makes a difference! Here are some quick questions I commonly ask new clients before I provide them a project quote: What service/s are you considering hiring me for? popular answers: eBay store design eBay auction template website design labeling, CD/DVD or packaging design Facebook cover design other (please be specific) How would you like your design to look? What kind of products do you sell or plan to sell / if any? How many pages are you interested in having me custom design for you? page examples could be homepage about us auction template faqs front or back cover for a flyer brochure pages (how many) other (please be specific) Are there any special features or functions you would like it to have? Is there a design or a website page that you admire, or some things about it you like a lot?  If so, please send me a link so I can get an idea of what kind of look of functionality you are interested in having.   For print marketing inquiries I also ask these important questions: Is there a specific size or file type (such as psd, pdf, eps, ai, other) you need the design to be in? Do you have a template outline for me to use that your printing company has provided you?     So now you know what I’ll probably ask you…  

  • Designs I do not work on: Adult content or sexy designs (ie. lingerie shops and sexy fashion clothing lines), Nude art, and Occult oriented. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions concerning this.

  • Yes, but please bear in mind that the project will not be completed until after the final payment has been made. I do not take remaining payments after the project is completed, but rather before or during the designing process. If you are on a budget and need to time it out accordingly, just let me know, I’m pretty flexible. Please email me to make payment arrangements if needed.

  • You will have 100% ownership of any design I create for you. Other than showing your design in my portfolio and as examples of my work, I will not use nor sell your design to another person, ever. However, if your design has royalty free photo’s used within the design you may have certain usage limitations on those specific photo’s. For instance, iStockPhoto’s does not allow their photos to be used as a persons personal logo without permission of it’s original designer; as it brings into question who has true ownership to the design, the maker of the logo, or the person purchasing it. However, great news, if I have designed an image myself for you that is included in your design, you automatically have my permission to use it where ever and however many times you wish! I do require that all of my designs (ebay store, auction template, website and web stores) have a Made To Be Unique branding logo tastefully placed at the bottom of the page at all times, unless stated and upon mutual agreement. PLEASE NOTE:  My custom designs are also meant to be Unique, meaning, not to be shown under more than one business or personal name. By bidding on my services you agree not to resale your design for personal gain (unless upon mutual agreement).

  • Absolutely, just email it to me in the best quality and size possible and I’ll be sure to add it to your design wherever desired. AI and EPS files are the most preferred logo files.

  • The best encouragement I have to offer you is my 11+ years of unalterable eBay feedback. I have been a seller since 2000, so there’s a lot of feedback there that speaks for my service, my speed, my designing capabilities and most importantly, my integrity! Please note that while I still sell on ebay from time to time it has become rare, so while the feedback there does reach back as far as 2000, there may not be many current feedbacks added. This is only because I am no longer dependent on eBay for my income, I’ve been able to pull away from ebay and do well w/out it… So I only list on ebay when I realllly want to. A pleasant goal most business owners might consider seeking to achieve themselves. You are also welcome to visit my Testimonials page to read years worth of client testimonials. And feel free to even contact any of them for a personal a reference.

  • I have no problem waiting to begin your design if you need a little time to plan out any specific needs. Hiring me now might save you money in the long run as I might give myself a raise later on. My objective is like most everyone’s; work less and get paid more. I would love to spend more time with my children regardless of my love and addiction for design!

  • The vector (EPS) file is the best you can get when it comes to editing an image because you can create ANY size you want without it becoming pixilated when it’s resized… this makes vector images great for professional printing purposes. EPS images are edited in Adobe Illustrator. Jpg images are very standard image files that can be condensed and pixaleted easily when resized. PNG images are great when you want something to be transparent (see through). Vector images also enables you to edit the images and colors piece by piece and color by color. Vectors are the best when it comes to photo editing. I don’t really recommend using many full vector illustrations in certain designs that are more “serious” in nature as vectors tend to be more cartoonish and light-hearted. However, the design elements such as vector curls and swirls and background illustrations can be wonderful for even the more serious professional design.

  • Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE pictures…  Well, if they didn’t know that, they should, because I do!  I have a fetish for good stock photo images.   There are some nice freebie stock images you can find on the internet if you browse long enough, but I personally enjoy using professional stock photo images most of all. A good stock photo image can make any website designer or illustrator look good!  even an OK designer can look great if they have a great stock photo image to work with!  I learned this in the beginning of my web designing career, lol.  So yes, I LOVE professional stock photo images. This past weekend one of my clients shared a deal with me that one of his friends shared with him.  It was for 150 professional stock photo images from Depositphotos for only $49.  My mouth nearly hit the floor with disbelief when I saw the deal.  You see stock photo images can be VERY pricey… They cost a lot, especially the best of the best!  And when you want more than one, well, be prepared to spend $60, $80, $100 and more for a SMALL yet good collection of stock photo images!  150 stock photo images for the price of $49 and you can get the largest size available is just incredible! I passed on the link to some of my other clients who were also very excited about the offer.  I hope they jump on it before this deal expires (whenever that is).  Here’s a link to the page if I’ve caught your attention as well. Depositphotos has other great stockphoto deals, so be sure to check them out if this offer happens to be over.  They have wonderful stock photo models, stock backgrounds, stock vectors, stock illustrations and more! I’ll be putting together some custom banner advertisements for my friend and client at smmcosmetics.com using one of the professional stock photo images at Depositphotos showing a beautiful model woman wearing makeup.  I plan to altar the color of her eye shadow to different eye shadow shades that will match my clients eye shadow collection.  This photo-manipulation will help my client advertise her different eye shadow shades.  I look forward to working on this project soon! Shortly after that I plan to put together some more wonderful articles on one of my own hobby websites (survivingtheoregontrail.com) which features educational information and products for home school families looking to live more healthy and organic lifestyles.  I found the most wonderful stock photo collections at Depositphotos. I was nearly jumping out of my seat when I saw them and opened them up. You’ve got to check these babies out!  See I KNOW I would be spending a LOT of money on just 1 of these photos even if they were sold separately.  But these stock photo collections have MANY items that I’m already interested in getting – all in one lump image.  I am such a winner today, yay me!  lol…  and you can be too!  When you look through their stock images, use the keyword “Collection” and see what wonderful collections you come up with.  Because I’m interested in herbs, plants and foods, this is the amazing collection of collections I came up with!  Check out my lightbox here. When you are looking through stock photo images be sure to set up a lightbox like I have done.  Having a lightbox enables you to save a bunch of your favorite images to one place so that you can later on find your favorites, or compare them to each other so…

  •   A very important part of the process of website and ebay store designs is choosing good stock photos.  If you want to have the best presentation for your products you absolutely need good pictures, pictures of your products and pictures to help compliment and sell your product! I use istockphoto stock images in nearly all of my client projects.  There are other stockphoto sites, but I’ve been real happy with istockphoto’s selection so I don’t browse much outside of it when it comes to my clients projects. When you sign-up with istockphoto (which that part is free btw)… consider creating a lightbox like I have done.  That way you can have a “file” of all your personal favorite models and images you would like to (or strongly consider) use throughout your website design.  Lightboxes are very helpful.  You can even break them up into categories such as Eyes Lips Face (great for foundation) Skincare Etc. Later on the files will be there and will save you a lot of time when you don’t have much of it and need something fast.  How to save a picture to a lightbox (if you’re not familiar with this part of it) Go to the picture you like Such as: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-3710320-isolated-mineral-make-up-with-brush.php?st=e799ee6 Under the picture click “Save to Lightbox” This will give you the option to create a new lightbox or to use a current one. Later on when you want to check out your lightboxes at the bottom of the screen theres a gray bar and when you’re logged in at the far right corner of the bottom gray bar there will be a link that says “Lightboxes”.  This is where you can view your saved lightboxes. 

  • Q: How do I take better photos of my products so they look more professional? A: Do you have a photobox of some sort, and some good lighting?  Honestly i think the photographers equipment make up about 70% of their occupation.  Sadly it can be quite expensive when added up together.  Home-made photo boxes cuts the cost and in some cases can do just as good a job as the professional products.  But a good photo box (small and illuminates the light all around your product) with good lighting will probably help make your pictures dramatically better! Something like this: If your familiar with image editing using Adobe Photoshop, or PaintShop Pro, you can do some further touch-ups to the brightness and color contrast, and/or give your products a custom background and pretty shadow effect to make your product presentation more appealing.  

  • Great video tutorial showing one how to use layer masks instead of the eraser tool! Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene

  • Use your up and down keys to change the way the shape appears.

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