Q&A: How can I display the category list from eBay store page to my HTML page

  • Q: I want to display category list from eBay store page to my HTML page , how can i display the category list from eBay store page to my HTML page thanking you. —– A: There are short codes available for HTML eBay store pages but I don’t know of any that show your categories automatically. What you will probably have to do is list them individually yourself and then add links to the category name in HTML. You’ll need to be familiar with editing HTML and adding text links to do this. Here’s a link to some eBay short codes such as adding a search box, featured product, feedback and more: http://madetobeunique.com/7575/ebay-store-tags-and-html-codes-for-custom-design/ The short codes only work when you’re posting the code into an eBay store page. They will probably not work if you post them to your own website that is outside of eBay. I hope this helps.  Visitors are welcome to leave feedback if they have another answer! 

  • Q: I would like to know what you mean by full eBay store design…I’m not very sure about that. A: Here are examples of full ebay store designs. The full page designs take a lot of work and sometimes a lot of stock images so they cost a bit more than the logo header banners. http://stores.ebay.com/Mexican-Coin-Broker http://stores.ebay.com/Forever-Pure-Beauty http://stores.ebay.com/Billie-E-Mineral-Makeup http://stores.ebay.com.au/Memory-foam-Australia Here is an example of an ebay store logo header banner only http://stores.ebay.com/belshouse   Notice how the logo header banner design doesn’t have a body design to it, just the header. The logo header banner designs include the design, links, installation and background image if one is desired.   Let me know if you need more help understanding, or if you have another other questions. I’m happy to help!

  • Q: I’ve just been reading a lot of stuff and I understood that my shop won’t work unless I use a 3rd party tool called Ad-Lister. A: I’m glad you’re asking and I’m happy to answer your questions to help you better understand. You don’t have to use a 3rd party tool, but it does cut down a lot of time and frustration if you sell a lot of different products on an ongoing basis. I have a lot of clients happy with inkfrog.com so that’d be the one I’d recommend most of all. Others have used TurboLister, Auctiva and a few others I can’t think of at the moment. J If you sell a lot of the same product then I’d recommend just listing directly in ebay. For instance if you sell the same 5 candles and there’s an unlimited supply of that so you just keep relisting the auctions, and that’s all you sold then an auction lister wouldn’t be needed, especially the ones that charge you money. If you’ve never listed on ebay before I would recommend getting your feet wet first by listing directly in ebay. It’s good to be familiar with ebay first before the other add-ons… because there’s a lot of “add-ons” out there (auction listers and tools to help better sell your products). After you’re comfortable with listing directly in ebay then check out the other options. One might say, well why don’t I knock out two birds with one stone by just using an auction lister in the beginning… Infact I would probably be the type of person to say that for myself, lol. But to be honest I have noticed my clients tend to get overwhelmed very quickly when they jump into so many different things trying to sell as much as they can in as little time possible. If you jump in too deep the waters may overwhelm you and you’ll just ditch the whole thing. I’ve seen this happen too often sadly. It’s important to steady yourself and learn your most important tools first. Anyways, just my own personal opinion for new ebay sellers

  • Good pictures are equally important for selling products online as is the website itself, dare I say even more important. Don’t let the product photos you have rob the product and make them look cheap.  By adding special effects to your images you can actually make your product look cheap and less appealing, especially photos with distracting borders and clip art around them. The best thing you could do is take clean and clear pictures of your products and do not add all kinds of “special effects around them”. When you take pictures try to use the same background colors and similar complimentary displays (eg. Flowers or leaves for an accent).  Flowers, leaves and other pretty yet simple things can really help as well.  Just be sure they are similar, that they do not distract but rather compliment the item you are trying to sell.  Such as an orange sitting next to a jar of orange facial cream – as seen in the featured image (photo credit: SMMCosmetics.com). Having a lot of different backgrounds and colors behind your product can make your store look cluttered/messy.  This will cause a person to not want to hang around much longer resulting in a dramatic loss of product sells and page hits. I strongly suggest using a pure white background (or very light gray) if you can get one.  Black backgrounds can look really classy as well but I think white is by far the easiest to work with and shows off your products very well. Some huge roll out paper or boards might work, even the ones they have at Wal-mart can be used above and below the product, especially if you can not afford to have your product pictures taken professionally.  However, never use wrinkled paper or wrinkled sheets as your background. Wrinkled sheets are very obvious, obnoxious and distracting. I’ve seen many sellers try to use wrinkled sheets, even I did this unknowingly when I first started to sell products online. But again it is very obvious, very distracting and kills a lot of the class a product has to offer the buyer. Let your beautiful products sell themselves. Also, showcase your product images one at a time, collages are great for the family wall and for a website homepage, but can be overwhelming or annoying when it comes to a product page.  Keep things simple and clean, and again, let your products sell themselves. Large clear photos of the products with a very minimal background will help you sell your products and make it more likely for you to get the price you are hoping for.

  • I’m always looking to give my customers the best quote possible so knowing what work is involved really makes a difference! Here are some quick questions I commonly ask new clients before I provide them a project quote: What service/s are you considering hiring me for? popular answers: eBay store design eBay auction template website design labeling, CD/DVD or packaging design Facebook cover design other (please be specific) How would you like your design to look? What kind of products do you sell or plan to sell / if any? How many pages are you interested in having me custom design for you? page examples could be homepage about us auction template faqs front or back cover for a flyer brochure pages (how many) other (please be specific) Are there any special features or functions you would like it to have? Is there a design or a website page that you admire, or some things about it you like a lot?  If so, please send me a link so I can get an idea of what kind of look of functionality you are interested in having.   For print marketing inquiries I also ask these important questions: Is there a specific size or file type (such as psd, pdf, eps, ai, other) you need the design to be in? Do you have a template outline for me to use that your printing company has provided you?     So now you know what I’ll probably ask you…  

  • To get started login to your inkfrog account On your homepage under Quick Launch Create a New Listing on eBay and click Go Fill out the needed info, such as the product category, Listing Title, Condition Description, etc. Be sure to add images to the listing when you come to that option Select your gallery image Now Select your template – instead of using a “Smart Template” you want to select the “Classic Templates” tab. Click “Choose Legacy Template” Click “Custom templates” shown at the top Your custom template should appear to the right. Click your template then hit the “Select Template” at the bottom. Skip the payment terms and shipping terms if you have this already added in your custom template. Fill out the description box below (the large area) Continue to fill out the rest of the auction listing questions below When you’re finished click to “Launch Now”

  • Designs I do not work on: Adult content or sexy designs (ie. lingerie shops and sexy fashion clothing lines), Nude art, and Occult oriented. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions concerning this.

  • The time it takes to finish a project varies from project to project and person to person. If our communication is very good and I’m able to get the look you want a reasonable time frame will be as such: For flash package projects It normally takes me 3-4 weeks, possibly longer. Non Flash projects normally 2-3 weeks. I will try to have a sample to show you within the first week if at all possible. There are some instances that I may be delayed but I will be in constant communication with you so you are reassured I’m still “on the job”. My passion is to provide you quality before speed but be assured, if you take a look at my extensive feedback history, I’m not the type of person that likes to have my customers waiting on me at all. If time is of the essence please email me and ask if there will be any delays and what time-frame you can expect to have your project completed, as again it all depends from project to project and person to person. Thank you!

  • I accept Paypal, Postal Money Orders, Business Checks (although I will wait until it clears before starting any work). Cash is accepted from local Oklahoma residents and in some cases I accept trade/bartering for the full or partial amount due. Don’t hesitate to email me if you’d be interested in a full or partial trade!

  • Yes, but please bear in mind that the project will not be completed until after the final payment has been made. I do not take remaining payments after the project is completed, but rather before or during the designing process. If you are on a budget and need to time it out accordingly, just let me know, I’m pretty flexible. Please email me to make payment arrangements if needed.

  • You will have 100% ownership of any design I create for you. Other than showing your design in my portfolio and as examples of my work, I will not use nor sell your design to another person, ever. However, if your design has royalty free photo’s used within the design you may have certain usage limitations on those specific photo’s. For instance, iStockPhoto’s does not allow their photos to be used as a persons personal logo without permission of it’s original designer; as it brings into question who has true ownership to the design, the maker of the logo, or the person purchasing it. However, great news, if I have designed an image myself for you that is included in your design, you automatically have my permission to use it where ever and however many times you wish! I do require that all of my designs (ebay store, auction template, website and web stores) have a Made To Be Unique branding logo tastefully placed at the bottom of the page at all times, unless stated and upon mutual agreement. PLEASE NOTE:  My custom designs are also meant to be Unique, meaning, not to be shown under more than one business or personal name. By bidding on my services you agree not to resale your design for personal gain (unless upon mutual agreement).

  • Absolutely, just email it to me in the best quality and size possible and I’ll be sure to add it to your design wherever desired. AI and EPS files are the most preferred logo files.

  • Yes, I would be happy to, but I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea what’s in my future and if God plans to take me home someday soon… Neither does any other web designing company, so if you want to be assured that you’ll have your designs tomorrow and the next day and the next, without fear of me falling off the face of this earth, then I strongly suggest you host your own images and pages. But again, I would be happy to if you would like me to, as it saves me a LOT of extra work. Be warned, this is most likely the reason why you see other web designers boasting that they’ll HOST for free (it’s so much easier that way).

  • The best encouragement I have to offer you is my 11+ years of unalterable eBay feedback. I have been a seller since 2000, so there’s a lot of feedback there that speaks for my service, my speed, my designing capabilities and most importantly, my integrity! Please note that while I still sell on ebay from time to time it has become rare, so while the feedback there does reach back as far as 2000, there may not be many current feedbacks added. This is only because I am no longer dependent on eBay for my income, I’ve been able to pull away from ebay and do well w/out it… So I only list on ebay when I realllly want to. A pleasant goal most business owners might consider seeking to achieve themselves. You are also welcome to visit my Testimonials page to read years worth of client testimonials. And feel free to even contact any of them for a personal a reference.

  • I have no problem waiting to begin your design if you need a little time to plan out any specific needs. Hiring me now might save you money in the long run as I might give myself a raise later on. My objective is like most everyone’s; work less and get paid more. I would love to spend more time with my children regardless of my love and addiction for design!

  • Absolutely!  I provide easy to use instructions for all my templates that apply to selling directly on eBay.  If your lister accepts html code within the description, then you will be able to my templates.  Currently, I do not know of a single lister that doesn’t accept html, especially if they want to keep up with “the Jones’s”, but you can call your lister’s support line to be sure. There are some listers that will allow you to store the template in their program so that you don’t have to apply the code each time. Inkfrog is a highly recommended lister if you sell a lot of different products on a normal basis. I charge a small additional fee if you would like me to upload your custom auction template/s to a lister service such as Inkfrog or Auctiva.

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