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CSS Repeating Background Images

Resourceful information thanks to: Value Description repeat The background image will be repeated both vertically and horizontally. This is default repeat-x The background image will be repeated only horizontally repeat-y The background image will be repeated only vertically no-repeat...
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No Right Click Code

You can drop this code in your auction template html code or website pages to deter people from stealing your pictures. (mind you there are other ways of stealing internet pictures – so this is just a deterant.) <script language=”JavaScript1.1″>...
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Fun HTML Coding Resource – Scrolling Marquee Text Codes 11-20

11 Down   <marquee direction=’down’> TEXT </marquee> TEXT 12 Up and Down   <marquee behavior=’alternate’ direction=’up’> TEXT </marquee> TEXT 13 Angle Down   <marquee><marquee direction=’down’> TEXT </marquee></marquee> TEXT 14 Angle Up   <marquee><marquee direction=’up’> TEXT </marquee></marquee> TEXT 15 Angle Up...
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