About Us Providing Stock Images and Clip art

Hi, my name is Crystal Calhoun.  Thirty some + years ago I was born with a natural love for art, colors and creativity.  I’m a self-taught website and ecommerce store designer.

Before learning how to create websites and sell online my husband and I had a small retail shop that struggled to survive.  That was a hard experience, one that I do not regret having nor wish to repeat! lol

Currently I work from home while at the same time homeschooling our two younger children Christian and Isaiah.  So I tend to keep my self rather busy day in and day out tending to home, kids, website, clients and my also hard-working handsome husband.  :-D

Providing stock photos is a new adventure for our family. And I do say family as this has been a slow-going family project we each have helped out on.  We began sharing our stock images with artists around the world primarily through deviantart and our website since about 2010. It has been a lot of work.

The Calhoun Family

    I like sharing our stock photos and clipart for various of reasons.

    1. I love to see what other artists can come up with – it inspires me!
    2. I like to have our stock pictures out there online so that I can browse through them easily w/out weighing down my computer with GIGS of memory. I really don’t like looking through CD’s or thumbdrives of saved artwork and stock photos when I’m ready to use them in my own projects so having them hosted online helps!
    3. As a website designer and search engine optimizer I know that link backs will help my site get better recognized in the search engine ratings.  It is good for my business when people give me a credit link back for the use of our free stock images. So a big thank you to those of you who care and who do give that credit link back!
    4. Another bonus for having clip art on my website is that I have a LOT more visitors and website browsers. This will also help increase my search engine ratings as well as market my services to those who visit my site. (yay)
    5. Our family also has the hope that one day we may be able to make some money off the stock images we provide, be that through small donations or purchased xl-large stock files. It would be lovely to have more free time with the family verses having to work so much all the time. (So we’re all crossing our fingers that our stock site dreams takes off).

    More in the making and more to come!

    We have a gazillion more stock photos, clipart, illustrations and more stuff to come… We just need time to list them.

    Your stock purchases and donations will enable us to spend more time on our stock photo site adding free and premium stock photo images to our library for all you wonderful stock enthusiasts and artists out there! We thank you very much for your patronage and also for your credit links back!!! Please pass the word on if you know someone in need of some stock images and clip art! Thanks bunches!

    Some Wonderful Projects Using Our Stock

      To find out more – yes, we have so much more to share! lol. You can check us out at: