More About Me

Our Beginning Years of Entrepreneurship…

When I first started selling online I would sell maternity wear and baby items (thus my original ebay seller name: This was when my family and I lived at the Navy Base, Guantanamo Bay Cuba for the first few years of our marriage and new family. The base had this great little thrift shop with $5 grab bag sells that I would load up on, bring home and sell on ebay for a nice profit. Sometimes I sold for hobby, but many times I would sell because we needed the extra income. It was a nice way of being able to stay home and still help out with the finances.

After living in Cuba for about 5 years we relocated to Oklahoma. Life was for the most part simple, that is until we decided to break away from the military and throw caution in the wind.

We had had a good bit of success through online sells and some very successful yard sales where we resold items we had previously purchased in auctions and thrift stores. After a few months of testing resells through our home and doing very well with them, we wanted to see if we could do well by opening up our own little boutique store near our home. It was a scary and exciting leap of faith.

It took a little over 2 years of endless hours of work, incredible amount of growing debt, nearly losing everything we had – and the most stress I’ve ever endured in my life – to finally decide to close shop and start something new. And while I would NEVER want to ever open up a shop again – in my life, my husband and I have had NO regrets in ever attempting to operate one in the first place.

It was during that time that we gained so much respect, understanding and regard for small business owners. I do not think we would have ever had this genuine concern and regard for other small business owners as we have now had we not endured this hardship ourselves.

The Accidental Discovery…

It was also during this time that we had our store that I began to learn how to build websites and custom ebay auction listings. I had a strong desire to advertise our store to let others know what great deals we had to offer them and to make my current ebay listing more attractive in hopes of a better ending sale price. Our prices were incredible and the world just needed to know about them. I was confident having a website and custom template design would help increase sales, and it did!

My husband also learned a new skill during this time. He learned how to build and repair computers. It is very strange to think about it today but had he not learned how to build and repair computers I would have never been able to grow and expand in my own ventures of designing websites, ebay stores and advertising illustrations.

And while our sales nearly tripled during that time the cost of renting an old and drafty building and it’s extremely expensive utility bills weighed us down to the point that we worked just to pay the business bills and had very little to bring home for our own livelihood.

So we decided to close the shop and work from home once again. My husband built and repaired computers and I pursued my new passion for website and ebay store designs.

Today’s a Crazy Busy Day…

This is a statement I seem to have adapted to – nearly every day. And while business continues to keep me busy, even during the slower days I am consumed with keeping myself going with something productive regardless, that’s just the type of person I am.

Working from home has been great for our family. It has not been easy, but it has enabled us to climb out of our retail store debt slowly and steadily. It has also given us an incredible amount of family time together and has at times enabled my husband to pursue a dream of his to be a professional writer and to further his education. Recently my husband was able to write and publish his very first book called “The Unfolding”. I invite you to check it out – while this may be his first, it is clear that with his amazing natural talent for writing and capturing the readers heart and attention, this book surely won’t be his last!

A Breakdown of Who we are… really

First and foremost, we are Christians… we are consumed with Christ and want to please Him. We are by no means perfect, but we want to do the best that we can and live as the Bible teaches us to live. But to categorize us as the common American “Christian” would be unfitting… we are quite unique and don’t seem to fit in with many “Christian” crowds these days.

Aside from that my husband and I are homeschoolers and entrepreneurs. We desire to live simple, honest and hard-working lives, yet we would like to make an eternal difference for a dying world. Does that mean we preach to our clients, no, not at all, that’s not what we’re hired to do. But if a client asks me or my husband about God, we would readily love to share what we believe with them and any others about Him.

Things We’ve Learned in Business and in Life

1. Never put a philanthropist behind the register.
2. Believe that there’s a purpose and plan even when things don’t make sense. Many might have laughed at our retail shop endeavor and perhaps scoff at it’s closing as with so poor of planning and little to no financial cushions it was just basically “bound to happen”… yet, when looking at it more closely, we are faced with the fact that my husband would have never learned to build and repair computers, I would have never learned to design websites and ebay stores and my husband probably would have not written his first book…
3. No matter how great the success or how hard the trial, God is in control and cares deeply for you.

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