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  • Another wonderful photo manipulation project by an excellent artist on DA called MIRROR, by freaky208.  Very graceful, calming and lovely illustration!  You can see my beautiful stock butterflies all over. yay! As always a big thank you to the honest artists out there that post a credit link back to my stock images, you are...

    19 Aug
    19 Aug
  • Finally I have my own website redesigned and can focus more on listing new stock images, business products and customized templates!  For quite some time I’ve wanted to have a section on my website for featured artists who use my free stock images, and stock images that are for sell.  I had attempted to post some on my old website but didn’t get very far because I had a lot of quirks with my Magento ecommerce platform. So now that all is well I’m going to start off with...

    19 Aug
    19 Aug
  • is receiving a lot of new website visitors recently.  An artist by the name of Jenny Le posted a digital artwork tutorial online which teaches others how to make this very creative image.  She posted a credit link back to all her stock sources making her not only an awesome artists, but an honest one at that!  I’d like to personally thank this artist for sharing a credit link back to my site and stock images.  This is one of the only things I ask of artists when...

    19 Aug
    19 Aug
  • Good pictures are equally important for selling products online as is the website itself, dare I say even more important. Don’t let the product photos you have rob the product and make them look cheap.  By adding special effects to your images you can actually make your product look cheap and less appealing, especially photos with distracting borders and clip art around them. The best thing you could do is take clean and clear pictures of your products and do not add all kinds of...

    18 Aug
    18 Aug
  • Not sure if it’s just me or not but ever since PayPal updated their homepage I can never login to my account using Mozilla Firefox.  I always have to revert to IE in order to get in there. Also – just ranting a little – there’s always that offer to use “Bill me later”.  This always erks me.  Perhaps there’s an option to turn that notice off, but I’m just not finding it. When they first updated their homepage with a video in the background I...

    13 Aug
    13 Aug
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