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  • The featured cropped image I have here is great but does no justice for the full size vertical photo-manipulation!  What a wonderful and creative job done by TigerStriped4 on DA called “Serenity“.  It’s very well blended and shows a wonderful balance of colors throughout the design.  The horse is lovely and with really neat stripes throughout it’s body.  I love the reflection in the water (which can only be truly appreciated by seeing the larger version – see...

    21 Aug
    21 Aug
  • Here’s a sweet and artististic photo-manipulation illustration by DA artist Nabila-Nina called “L’ange de la foret”.  The artist is using one of our wompoo fruit dove stock images in the illustration sitting next to the girl on the stone bench.  I love the innocence and fun concept of the little girl reading the book and that it seems to come alive to her.  This is the kind of project that makes me want to get my “art supplies” out and make my own work of...

    20 Aug
    20 Aug
  • Here is a NEAT photo-manipulation using one of our unique wompoo fruit dove stock images.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the artist used the liquidfier in Photoshop to create those interesting melting and swivel effects, or whatever you call them… but they are so neat!  The colors are fun and trendy.  A very unique design that I totally love!  Great job!  You can see more of this illustration at DA by clicking here. As always a big hive-five to the honest artists out...

    20 Aug
    20 Aug
  • Today I would like to start off with featuring a favorite photo-manipulation project found on DA called “The Garden Muse”, by designdiva3.  I really love the green hazy colors the artists used as well as the beautiful flowers and our unique flying wompoo fruit dove stock images.  The expression in the model is really neat.  The illustration has beauty and mystery/intrigue and uses a lot of peaceful concepts and colors.  The artist did a wonderful job!! As always a big hive-five...

    20 Aug
    20 Aug
  • I love this whimsical illustration with a friendly tree gazing curiously at one of our American Robin stock images.  It is totally fun and soooo well blended!  I love that he’s walking out of a clay pot with a tiny forest below.  How creative!  It is called Forest Spirit and is created by a wonderful and very talented DA artist by the name of: TheOutcast1821.  Great job, and wonderful use of stock images!!! As always a big thank you to the honest artists out there that post a credit...

    19 Aug
    19 Aug
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