Magento Ecommerce Integrated with Ebay Store – Wireless Sounds

I was recently hired by a company named Wireless Sounds who uses a Magento ecommerce platform who already had a design established.  He hired me to create a matching ebay store design and matching custom auction template.

I was very impressed to learn that his Magento ecommerce integrates with his ebay store so that when a product sells in either site the quantity is automatically updated. He said he’s been using it for a year or two and loves it, so that captured my attention!

Ever sense I worked on this project and with this client I have been recommending Magento with the Magento to Ebay plugin for many of my other clients who desire to run their 2 stores in one location.

You’re welcome to browse through some wonderful pre-made Magento ecommerce templates and learn more about this wonderful Magento to Ebay Integrating tool using the following links below.

You can see some of the many wonderful Magento templates listed below however, please note that I do not work on adult, lingerie or sensual templates and designs even though some may show up in the automated lists provided below. My apologies for any confusion this may cause.

You’re welcome to purchase a template of your choice, but as always I STRONGLY recommend asking questions BEFORE purchasing!